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To serve you better, we would like to update our computer "profile" of your travel preferences. Please take a moment to complete all applicable sections. This information will be stored in computer files accessible only to our staff members, and will allow us to serve you more quickly and more accurately.

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General Information

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Preferred Response
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Personal Information

Date of Birth
Name of spouse/companion Names of children

Passport Information

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Passport Number Date of issue

Seating Preference

When flying alone
Non-smoking Smoking Aisle Window
When flying with family
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Special Seating Request
Special Meal request Special services

Frequent Flyer Memberships

Airline Membership # Name on membership

Car Information

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Special Information
(Membership and/or discount numbers, company preference, car size)

Hotel Information

Hotel Accommodations Needed

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(Membership and/or discount numbers, hotel chain preference, room type preference)

Other Appropriate Information

(Routing preferences, airline likes and dislikes, connecting times, etc.)

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